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Wale’s Classic Mixtape Turns 10

More About Nothing Turns Ten

Yesterday Hip-Hop fans around the world celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Wale’s classic mixtape More About Nothing. More About Nothing was an extension to Wale’s 2008 tape Mixtape About Nothing. Both mixtapes were inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s sitcom, The Seinfield Show. The show served as a narrator for the mixtape. Wale was able to bridge the show and the issues in his life and translate it into his music.

This mixtape came at an extremely pivotal time in Wale’s career. He had just been dropped by Interscope Records and was a free agent in the rap game. His career could of went a lot of different ways and this is usually when we see a rap career plummet. But Wale persevered during this time. He dropped the mixtape with no label backing him and he promoted the mixtape himself, just him and his team, the board of administration.

The mixtape was highly anticipated and actually broke the streaming sites the night it dropped. Wale got extremely vulnerable throughout this mixtape. He talked about not having the creative control he wanted on his debate album Attention deficit. This mixtape also featured two of Wale’s biggest hits, The Breakup song, which samples Stevie Wonders’s classic song “All I Do” and a classic verse he had on Rosco Dash’s hit song “No Hands”.

Not long after the release of the mixtape, Wale signed a deal with Rick Ross’s label MMG. Wale would go on to create an album entitled The Album About Nothing. In the album, he keeps the same inspiration for the Seinfeld show. Wale even had Jerry Seinfeld himself come to the studio to do the intros.

Life After “More About Nothing”

Since the release of the More About Nothing, Wale has proven himself to be one of the best lyricists in the rap game. As we know, the rap game which is extremely fickle, it’s hard to stay relevant. Wale has been able to not only stay relevant, but also continuously drop great albums, and great mixtapes. Congrats to Wale on the 10 year anniversary of a masterpiece.

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