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Wack 100 Believes Tory Is Innocent!

After what happened last year between Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez, Wack 100 has created his very own theory about what transpired. The experienced music manager said Megan’s injuries were not caused by a gunshot wound during a recent Clubhouse talk.

Wack 100’s explanation

Wack 100 claims they were injured after Megan kicked out the glass of the black SUV they were travelling in the evening of the purported shooting event, as he recounted in the video.

“Let’s really do the math,” he said. “Some of the smallest bones in our muthafuckin’ body is in our foot. N-gga, if you take a bullet to that foot and it break them bones, you are not walking backwards with your hands in the air. It is not happening. It’s not gonna fucking happen.

“You gon lay yo’ ass down, man or woman, and you gonna scream like a muthafuckin’ hoe. You gonna holler and scream and you not finna be on stage in two to three weeks twerking! It ain’t gonna happen.”

Wack 100 then went into detail about what he believes happened in the backseat of the chauffeured vehicle.

“I will speak from what I know. Back and forth conversation — ‘fuck you, fuck you’ — Meg in the backseat with her homegirl who’s no longer the homegirl,” he added. “Pull this muthafuckin’ car over. Fuck it, I ain’t pullin’ nothing over.’ Lean back, kickin’ the window. Now we got the glass cuttin’ up the foot.

“Tory wouldn’t even have a leg to stand on if that girl’s medical reports was showing gunshot wound to foot. Second of all, Tory, the first thing they gonna do and they would have reported it … first thing they gonna do to Tory is they gonna run that muthafuckin’ powder test.”

Megan and her entourage, according to Wack, are aware that Tory Lanez did not fire the gun. Instead, he said it was his security, despite the fact that Megan had never been shot in the feet.

Too drunk?

Wack 100 claimed in another video clip from the same Clubhouse chat that everyone was too drunk to remember what happened.

“Tory ain’t fire no shot,” he continued. “Imma be real with you, bro. Lemme tell you something. When muthafuckas be high and drunk and all that on top of shit and muthafuckas just rambling off at the mouth — we’ve all been in these situations — and you hear a muthafuckin’ shot, man, you don’t know where that shot came from half the time.

“But you got to have a general idea of it in your head, where you think the shot come from right? One thing I do know is I have not seen that GSR test mentioned. That GSR ain’t going nowhere unless you use urine or milk.”

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