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Tracee Ellis Ross signs partnership with Pushback

Tracee Ellis Ross has partnered with different organizations to inspire many people in the community. The Black Power movement has been successful in promoting wide spread representation by promoting black news on mainstream news channels and mainstream media. The “Black community” is making an effort to encourage black history, black-owned businesses, and Black stories.


Tracee Ellis Ross is most known for starring as leads on  ABC’s Black-ish, Mix-ish, and the hit television series Girlfriends. She also owns her hair-care brand, “Pattern Beauty,” and is the daughter of music icon Diana Ross.


Using Her Platform

On Instagram, last weekend, The entrepreneur confirmed her new alliance with PushBlack, a non-profit organization. According to the PushBlack website, their mission is to create a  “unique space to focus on the intersection of news and history.” They Highlight outstanding Black people throughout history every day on their website.

“We identify the repetition of historical trends and share lessons from the past that people can use as they work to strengthen their community today.

With more than 4 million subscribers, we’re working towards the goal of building the largest online community of Black Americans. Through daily communications on the text and Facebook Messenger, we are putting power in the hands of the people. This has made us the premier mobile source of information and action for Black folks around the country. We push hard. We push forward. We PushBlack.”

On the previous Sunday, Tracee Ellis Ross posted a photo of Josephine Premice, the beautiful Haitian-American star, and tagged PushBlack in the caption.
Josephine Premice  was nominated for two Tony Awards: one in 1966 for the off-Broadway play A Hand is on the Gates and in 1957 for Jamaica alongside Lena Horne. She also made appearances on shows, including The Cosby Show, A Different World, and The Jeffersons. She also starred in films such as The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.



Representation: Tracee Ellis Ross post a photo of Josephine Premice

The Black-ish star explained, “Her story is just like many Black actresses of her day: supremely talented, multifaceted and complex, but either pigeonholed into maid roles or just plain overlooked by mainstream Hollywood,” she states. “So, let’s uplift her.”


While urging her followers to start following PushBlack, a Black-led nonprofit offering daily Black history lessons. Tracee and PushBlack share the common mission to help benefit and promote the betterment of black people. According to their website, their dedication to sharing stories correlating to the intersectionality of Black news and history has given them over 4 million subscribers.





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