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The Success Of Tyla-Simone And Her Sauce

The Success Of Tyla-Simone And Her Sauce

Tyla-Simone has success with her “Secret Sauce”

Tyla-Simone Crayton’s success all began when she was just eight-years-old and realized there was no sauce to go along with her wings on “Wings And Wine” Wednesday.

On Wednesdays, Tyla-Simone’s mother would always host a mini-event called “Wings And Wine” Wednesday. It was hosted in her aunt’s apartment every single week. Tyla-Simone was always an innovative thinker as a child and would attempt to come up with the perfect sauce to pair along with the wings.

She was pretty upset that her favorite go-to wing restaurant had closed down for good. Since the restaurant was closed, she would try all her might to recreate one of her favorite sauces from there.

Tyla-Simone And Her sauce

Tyla-Simone and her mother would take random ingredients and stir them all together in an attempt to recreate this particular sauce. The two did not expect much of an outcome, however, what they got was unexpected.

“What I ended up making was totally different and so much better,” she says. “It’s been history since then.”

And that is how Sienna Sauce was invented. A random concoction is now earning her family 6-figures. The sauce is being sold in the US in a total of 70 stores for a low affordable price of $10 per bottle. Sienna Sauce even sells at popular stores such as Walmart.

Before the sauce became a money-maker

Before selling the sauce, it was already popular at Tyla-Simone’s family gatherings. They would constantly make the sauce for their family and friends until she finally convinced her mother to let her put it up on the shelves.

When she was nine, they decided to move to Sienna Plantation Texas. When they moved, they decided to host a pop-up restaurant right in their own home.

They would spend the entire day prepping their wings and sauce. To help spread the news, she would use fliers and use her socials.

“We were set up in the kitchen with four deep fryers with an extension cord running in the house and outside to the backyard for power,” She says.“We turned our front dining room into our waiting area for customers and we took orders and payments there,” she continued.

The girls talk about how they were very successful and wanted to make it official. Every Friday they would sell large amounts of wings, approximately 700-1000. They were worried and concerned at first they wouldn’t get as many sales as they originally planned. But luckily for them, they brought in a total of $48,000.

Congratulations and continued success to Teen CEO Sauce Boss Tyla-Simone Crayton!

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