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The Best Soul Food In The South

Soul Food Defines the South

In the South, many items drift people together like watching sports as a family, eating hot meals at granny’s house on Sunday, or being involved in fun activities.  But the main thing that attracts visitors and natives to the South is its FOOD!  The South is known for having scrumptious soul food, such as smothered chicken, fried green tomatoes, fried okra, and fried chicken. There is no other place besides the South that can mimic its cooking techniques because southern soul food cuisines are uniquely different. But many restaurants in Georgia are defined as having “comfort food”. Mary Mac’s Tea Room and Paschal’s, are key examples of “Southern Hospitality“.

Soul food in the south

Atlanta’s Top Two

Georgia is home to many southern-style cuisines but all the popular and historic eateries are located in the heart of Georgia, Atlanta to be exact. In the mid-1940s, many Southern blacks were not allowed to sit in to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at “white-owned” restaurants. Many blacks in this time were traveling near and far just to get the experience of dining in restaurants. Due to segregation, people of color were not able to receive excellent customer service during those times. Mary Macs Tea Room and Paschal’s changed the soul food game forever. These restaurants made it easier for blacks to eat good meals and also get the experience of what it’s like to be treated equally without the hassle of traveling to far to eat.

Mary Mac’s Tea Room

Since 1945, Mary Macs Tea Room has been serving its community delicious authentic southern comfort food. They are located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. Everything deep fried and smothered is sold here.  Mary Macs is famous for its bar choices like their Whiskey Lemonade and Georgia Peach Martini.  They also are famous for their Sweet Tea.  But the main attraction at Mary Mac’s Tea Room is the Southern Special.  The Southern Special comes with any protein desired such as; chicken (baked or fried), meatloaf, or roast pork. Then there are the veggies. A few veggies they serve are green beans, turnip greens, and coleslaw. Last but not least, their DESSERTS! The peach cobblers that Mary Mac’s bakes are exceptional.  Their peach cobbler is more than likely the most popular on the list of desserts.


In 1945, brothers James and Robert Paschal opened their soul food restaurant. Before they moved to the newer location, which is located on Northside Drive, the Paschal brothers started their cooking journey on 831 West Hunter’s Street. Many things are a favorite at this restaurant such as the braised ribs, and especially the fried chicken. Paschal’s has had many famous politicians and entertainers dine in. Many celebrities like Aretha Franklin, Vice president Al Gore, and Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. to name a few.

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