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Terrence Green Under Fire For Hand Gesture Towards Police

Terrence Green, best known as Rigo on the ‘Step Up’ TV series has got himself into some fire with the law, specifically with a cop around the filming area. According to production sources, he allegedly impersonated aiming a firearm at a cop, and now the network is fighting this alleged incident.

According to secondary sources who are close to the production of Starz show, they reported they were normally filming at the Atlanta courthouse this week until Terrence addressed a police officer and used his fingers to create an inappropriate handgun gesture while pointing at the cop’s head.

Terrence thought the act was funny

Sources witnessed Terrence played it off as a harmless joke and meant no harm, but everyone found it incredibly insulting and was appalled by his actions, including the officer. A spokesperson for Lionsgate and Starz (they also produce ‘Step Up) was quick to respond to Terrence Green’s actions in a short statement.

“A thorough investigation of the incident’s been done, and Terrence “will receive strong disciplinary action.” the spokesperson also added, “we do not condone any on set behavior, even a gesture, that suggests or simulates violence toward another individual.”

At this time we are not sure and unclear about Terrence Green’s punishment for his childish act.

Step Up is a drama series, based on the initial Step Up film series, which was created by Duane Adler and premiered on January 31, 2018. The “sequel” series was created by Holly Sorensen and in May 2018, Youtube announced they had renewed a second season; which premiered on March 20, 2019.

After two seasons, the series was canceled in August 2019, but by May 2020 Starz financed the series for its third season.

The series’ description readout:

“The series follows the students and faculty of “High Water”, Atlanta’s most cutthroat performing arts school. When twins Tal and Janelle relocate from Ohio, they find themselves thrust into a world where every move is a test. As they attempt to navigate their new world— on and off the dance floor— they’ll discover just how deep they’re willing to dig to realize their dreams and seize their moment.”

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