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T.I Expands Cheap Housing In Bankhead

T.I. and Tiny went to his old Bankhead neighborhood last week (November 3) to check out his new residential project. The property contains 143 units, a community garden, community center, and greenhouse, according to an Instagram video released by T.I.

Residency in Bankhead

“So yeah, checkin’ on my development here in Bankhead, you know what I’m saying?” The rapper says in the clip. “Right here used to be the old K-Mart … now we got affordable housing … 143 units going up, mixed-use community, you dig? We about 40 percent done. We supposed to be done sometime next year.”

“Since everybody’s from here, what you done did for here? I ain’t finna do a whole bunch jaw-jacking. I’m gonna show mine. But, you know, this is our first project as developers. We’re proud of it.”

“Don’t look at me. Look at my work. Look at my moves. Shit, we can kill all the cap,” T.I says at the end of the clip.

T.I. has previously poured millions of dollars into his hometown of Atlanta. In October 2020, he pushed his 13.2 million Instagram followers to make an investment into homes instead of Cartier watches and Louis Vuitton accessories.

STOP BUYING LV AND PRADA! (according to T.I)

The platinum-selling artist disclosed to HipHopDX at the moment that he uploaded the post shortly after chatting with 2 distinct workers at Atlanta’s Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, which together offer luxury goods such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada.

“I do — what do you call it? Human experiments, social experiments and stuff like that; just looking and monitoring,” T.I said. “Do you ever people watch? Like just go somewhere and just recreationally sit there and wonder what they’re up to? Over the last few weeks, the malls, the stores are flooded.”

T.I continued, “The person that I work with at Neiman Marcus, and the people that I know at Saks … the Neiman Marcus is at a huge mall called Lenox and Saks is at a smaller boutique, but more expensive mall called Phipps Plaza. They’re adjacent to one another, right across the street.”

“So my Saks person told me we can’t keep nothing in here, we’ve been doing over a $100,000 dollars a day since those unemployment checks and all this, the stimulus stuff and that. And we can’t keep nothing in stock.”

“Same thing for the Louis Vuitton store. Same thing for the Gucci store … I seen when Boosie caught people lined up all the way around the corner in the mall, just to spend money that was given for a purpose that could’ve been used for so many different thing.”

As part of his Buy Back The Block effort, T.I has invested over $2.7 million buying six residences and areas of land within his old Center Hill neighborhood since 2017.

“You can do well and do good at the same time,” T.I added. “You don’t have be a slumlord in order to make money. You don’t have to be a poor person in order to give back. I believe that the best way to help people in need in the community is to not become one. I am in the for-profit business.

“Philanthropy is something I do because I like to do it. But when my money goes somewhere and I invest into a community, I’m doing that to make money — don’t get me wrong. But the money that I make gives me a strength and freedom to invest more into the community.”

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