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SZA’s Song “Hit Different” Is A Vibe!

SZA's Song "Hit Different" Is A Vibe!

SZA’s Reunites with Music

Solana Rowe, formally known as SZA, has just released to the music culture her newest song “Hit Different”.  The former TDE artist hasn’t recently been in tabloids that much and hasn’t released any new music until just now. SZA had an altercation occur with TDE President, Punch.  Punch and SZA were not seeing eye to eye on many projects SZA was trying to drop. Her last album, “CNTRL”, was released in 2017. In 2018, she was featured on the Black Panther movie soundtrack. SZA also worked with Justin Timberlake on the “Trolls” movie soundtrack in early 2020.

SZA's Song "Hit Different" Is A Vibe

Hit Different Is A “VIBE”

The song “Hit Different” features singer and rapper, Ty Dolla $ign. The song was produced by the legendary group the Neptunes. While SZA is singing, Ty Dolla $ign bodies the hook in a catchy melody.  The music visuals created and directed by SZA take place in a junkyard. As we all know, SZA has a very unique way of showing her personality in her videos.  Although her visual takes place at a junkyard, on top of a truck, and a haystack, the elegance and outfit choices she made for the set correspond with the vibe.  In the music video, the outfits SZA and her dancers wear resemble that of ” hard hat construction workers”.

Is This SZA’s Season?

SZA is an independent woman when it comes to working on a project. She has always wanted to share her upcoming releases with fans. But due to Punch denying her music, the fight she is putting up backfires every time. SZA recently put a tweet out thanking her TDE family and everyone who helped her in the contribution of coming out in 2020 with a brand new song.  Due to SZA working under Punch, President of TDE’s company, she is forced to work on her upcoming successes by herself while being under TDE.

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