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Stars Share Their Remorse for Jasmine Waters

Stars Share Their Remorse for Jasmine Waters

Jasmine Waters passed on June 9, which was a nightmare for many people this year. Known for her credible work for “The Gossip Game” and “This Is Us”, she spent her beautiful life writing and telling stories that will forever be in the hearts of her fans. Celebrities and loved ones all came together to express their love for the American screenwriter and processed their pain that came with her departure via media.

Emotional pain will always be dealt with especially when it comes to losing a good lover, friend, or mentor of yours. Sometimes when you are feeling like this it’s better to remember the tender moments of the past that only you two shared and to spend time with those who care. Many of Jas’s friends and loved ones have gathered on social media to give out their sincere thoughts on Jasmine.

Tweets from Issa Rae, Dan Fogelman, and Sza were spotted on Twitter about the 39-year-old writer, Jasmine.

“I’ll never forget being so excited to get an interview w/@JasFly for Necole Bitchie back when I was working on ABG. I could feel her warmth through the phone. Over the years, I got to know and appreciate her even more. She was so generous, beautiful, and REAL. I miss you, girl.” Issa Rae tweeted

Dan Fogelman tweeted, “This news took my breath away. Jas was absolutely brilliant and had so many stories still to tell. She made an indelible mark on our show and my heart breaks for her loved ones. RIP @JasFly.

Sza went onto Twitter and tweeted, “Thank you for your time here and honest perfectly out words, rest in Love queen.”

“Jasmine had a plan, it really hurts me to know that she did not have the help that she needed to get through this. The threat had a plan of her own, too. Jasmine was planned, I remember the moment that I had sat down and talked about who she would be.” Jasmine’s mother said.

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