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Social Activist Tianna Arata arrested on July 22nd

Tianna Arata, social justice activist was taken into custody for a peaceful protest gone wrong. Social Media is recuperating together in order to support Black Lives Matter activist with hashtag #FreeTianna, in support of hashtag #TiannaArata. The 20-year-old is facing eight charges, including five felonies, and years in prison for organizing an exhibition that took place on July 22nd at Mitchell Park, in San Luis Obispo, California.

How are People Helping Tianna Arata?


According to close resources, Tianna’s charges include four felony counts of false imprisonment, one felon count of conspiracy, and three misdemeanors there is a Change.Org petition where you can go sign for her to be released from her arrest. As of right now, there are over 120,000 signatures.

The petition explains, “Tianna’s arrest and charges were unjust. Our community should come together to support her and her family. Protect our young black rights movement leaders to protest and demand that the district attorney and not pursue any charges against Tianna Arata. Our young black leaders deserve to be heard, seen, and supported.”

What did the Press have to Say?


According to the press release from the district attorney office, the office affirms the protest wasn’t peaceful and the destruction was made towards vehicles on the freeway of the day of the protest. The protesters infiltrated highway 101 and blocked all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour. Apparently, law enforcement resources were limited based on expectations for a peaceful protest.

According to SLOPD, while on the freeway, protesters were accused of the damaged of a hood on a car and smashed the rear window where a 4-year-old child was in the back seat and had glass shattered on him. The statement also indicated that Tianna spoke with San Luis Obispo Police Department Chief Danna Cantrell. Many of the comments are having arguments with each other for some saying she didn’t deserve what she got and others justifying what was given.

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