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Snoop Dogg Talks Respect For Rappers

Snoop Dog Says “Start Putting Some Respect On Our Name”

Snoop Dogg brings up a very important topic that needs to be talked about more…Why do hip-hop legends not have the same amount of respect rockstars do?

The highly skilled 50-year-old rapper, who is seen as one of the godfathers of West Coast rap music has a valid point.

He comes together with other highly respected legends, Too Short, E-40, Ice Cube, 54.

Together they form the group, Mount Rushmore. All of their music and style made a huge impact on today’s culture and will continue despite their ages.

Rapping Is Forever

There is no age limit on rapping, and Snoop makes it clear no matter how old he gets music is something he will always continue.

“I don’t see why because they don’t limit the Rolling Stones, they don’t limit those other groups that do it outside of our genre and we should be respected to the point that that conversation shouldn’t exist anymore,” he explains to Rolling Stone.

“We love their music, we love them, we respect them, we come to support them, we sing their music — diehard fans.”

He explains how in hip-hop that level of respect is needed, hip-hop has a legacy that is forever long-lasting.

“We should get that same love in hip-hop because we created something that’s gonna last forever, and it’s generational.”

Something that was noted was that there is a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame but as far as hip-hop legends there is a work in progress, Hip Hop Hall of Fame that is released in 2023.

“You got rappers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” Snoop explains.

Jay-Z was recently inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame by Dave Chappelle, and Snoop says it is important to give hip-hop stars the respect they earned because there are no “Rock And Rollers,” in the Hip Hop Hall Of Fame.

“You ain’t got no motherfu*ckin’ rock and rollers in the Rap Hall of Fame. So slow it down a little bit, and start putting some respect on our name and give us the respect for who we are.”

There should already be a Hip Hop Hall Of Fame existing, especially because of all the legacy it has and its diverse culture.


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