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Snoop Dogg Decides To “Press The Issue”

Snoop Dogg Decides To "Press The Issue"

Snoop Dogg Talks Social Justice with His Brothers

West Coast legend, Snoop Dogg, released a YouTube video titled “Press the Issue: Social Justice Reform” during the height of the Presidential Election.

Along with other leaders of his community (Derrick Ford, Khalil Wadood, Brandon “Stix” Salaam-Bailey, and Prof. Mitchell Hamilton,) who are Black men, Snoop utilized his influence and platform to have a serious discussion regarding the lack of social justice within our neighborhoods.

The ideas of reducing unlawful arrests and increasing community safety precautions were at the forefront of the conversation that occurred.

Thoughtful Suggestions Proposed by Black Leaders

Throughout “Press the Issue” the members of the panel all make valid observations in what they see as issues not being addressed by law enforcement. One of the biggest concerns discussed was the idea that police officers come into certain neighborhoods without being familiar with their culture.

The solution offered was a residency program where officers could not police a community without a set amount of time to become acquainted with that area and the people who live there.

Given their experience of being around gang activity and street crime, Snoop’s panel also suggested that a new system of checks and balances be put in place to hold police officers more accountable for their actions.  The suggested change would place a unit separate from the police in place to monitor their actions as they patrol their neighborhoods.

All of the proposals made maintained this same energy of pushing for more understanding between law enforcement and the citizens in communities of color.

“Press the Issue” Highlights Snoops Maturation

When watching Press the Issue, there is a sense of poise and control that Snoop Dogg possesses that allows him to create change in a way that very few personalities can.  Considering where he began as the emcee who made sipping “Gin and Juice” a wave we all followed, this latest production from Snoop shows that there is no limit to your expansion when you are willing to reach out and connect with others in our community similar to his endorsement of the DNC.

The Hip-Hop community always appreciates when legends like Snoop utilize the cultural practice of “Each One Teach One” to improve our quality of life.

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