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Saweetie Talks About Working At A Strip Club

The Icy Girl Reveals How She Paid For College Tuition

As many college graduates know, tuition can be extremely expensive. So to pay for that, the Bay Area rapper Saweetie revealed that she worked a job at a strip club. Although the rapper worked at a strip club, she wasn’t a stripper. She instead was a server.

via Instagram @saweetie

Working closely with strippers, she realized that “strippers are just regular people. They’re real girls who are coming to work.” The rapper then talked about the importance of uplifting other women, “I don’t like when people uplift me while putting down another woman,” Saweetie said. “I want women to really value themselves because you learn a lot working in those environments.”

Pretty College Girl

Saweetie graduated from the University of Southern California, which is a very prestigious university. Famous graduates include Neil Armstrong (astronaut), George Lucas (creator of Star Wars), LeVar Burton (actor of Star Trek). She studied Communications and Business. Prior to USC, she studied at San Diego State University. After graduating, she began to focus on her rap career.

via Instagram @saweetie

Saweetie has said in the past that college “ made me robotic because I felt like I had to be what society expected a student at a prestigious university to be like”. Although her experience in college may not have been the best, she has talked about in many other interviews how her degree has helped her navigate the music industry.

Saweetie and Quavo

Saweetie has been dating Quavo of Migos since 2018. He has said in the past that she is “very special to the game”. Quavo says this because “She speaks for the pretty college girls that are taking the regular route. You don’t have to be a stripper, you don’t have to be a bartender, you don’t have to take the Instagram model route.”

via Instagram @saweetie

Check out the video below that highlights who Saweetie was before she was famous.

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