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Saweetie Explains Why She Keeps Delaying Her Albums

Saweetie has really climbed the charts in the hip-hop industry as original and pure without releasing an album in the last three years. Her huge tracks like “ICY GIRL,” “My Type,” and “Tap In” from 2018 and 2020 have helped her establish herself as the icy rapper we know and love today.

Saweetie coming up with plans

Saweetie’s next step, her newest album Pretty Bitch Music, has indeed been anticipated by fans for months, since she first revealed its scheduled release in June. It’s November, and we’re ALL still waiting for the album, which Saweetie revealed at the MTV European Music Awards in Hungary last weekend.

“It’s dropping soon. Honestly, it was a body of work with no soul. So right now I’m working on the details because I really want the world to feel me.”

Saweetie, who delivered “Tap In” and “Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat),” won the title for “Best New Artist” during the event. Saweetie has acknowledged her mother and Cher as individuals who’ve already evaluated and helped form the album ever since album’s delay back in June, and she credited to being a perfectionist.

Momma wants her respect the culture

Her mother, who is both Filipino and Chinese, objected to Saweetie’s perceived loose usage of the Tagalog dialect on the album, which Saweetie claimed did not correspond with the guarded culture of some Filipinos.

She additionally stated that meeting Cher helped her understand that the record required more personality and passion.

“I thought [the album] was done, but after I met her, I had an epiphany. This album needs to have feelings, it needs to have soul, it needs to have spirit. And I have a lot of room for improvement, so I’m gonna work on that. And once it’s done, the album will be released.”

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