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Quavo Claims Migos Began Trio Flow

Did Migos Begin Trio Trend?

Migos member Quavo definitely stirred some different opinions when in a recent interview he says Migos was the group that really began the triplet flow.

Earlier this week on Monday (September 13th,) Bleacher Report, reporter Taylor Rooks interviewed the Georgia native.

Rooks bought up the question of what Quavo believes his group bought to the culture/industry.

“The triplet flow, for sure. Wasn’t nobody doin’ it before we came in and right now, everybody’s doing it. It’s a blessing.”

“The triplet flow, the cadence, the flippin’ it, whippin’ it. That’s what everybody love to this day… 2014, I was the most influential rapper.”

Quavo and his trio aren’t the only ones who feel this way either, in the past David Banner claimed new artists come out and copy their flow, style, etc without credit.

“People jackMigos’ style, jack the way they rap, then go on TV and act like they didn’t rip them all off,” he says.

“They just don’t want to give credit,” Quavos explained. “You don’t want to come in being new and saying you took somebody’s style… or saying you influenced by too many young people, ’cause you don’t know how people will take it.”

“When they come out and say different people influenced it and don’t say the Migos, I don’t understand how. Because even the people they naming that influenced them, I know for a fact we influenced them, too.”

Who Began The Trio Flow?

Now the other part of the debate comes in, many people on Twitter are aggravated at the fact there were multiple trios that came out before.

People claim groups like the Bone Thugs and Three 6 Mafia is the main reason Migos don’t receive credit.

What do you think, who do you believe began the whole trio trend?


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