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Police Not Charged With Murder Of Breonna Taylor

Police Not Charged With Murder Of Breonna Taylor

Wanton endangerment charges were brought against one cop for shooting into White neighbor’s home.

According to the Associated Press, an Illinois grand jury has decided not to file charges against any of the three cops responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor, saying that police force was justified. One of the three cops, Officer Brett Hankison (who fired the sixth and fatal shot,) received three wanton endangerment charges for the shots that missed Taylor and hit her neighbor’s home. A federal investigation into the shooting is still underway.

Hankison posted bail for $15,000, only hours following his booking.

Peaceful protesters, riot police, and right-wing militia groups have already begun to line the streets of Louisville, with the National Guard en route. The city was placed on lockdown with an early curfew in anticipation of the ruling.

On March 13, three plain-clothed police officers executed an illegal no-knock warrant on Taylor’s apartment for a drug bust against a man who did not live there. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired a gun in self-defense of the apparent intrusion. All three police fired back, with six bullets hitting Taylor. No drugs were found in her home.

State Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a Republican seen by many as the heir apparent to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, announced the charges, and lack thereof. “Evidence showed officers knocked and announced their presence at the apartment,” Cameron said. “Our investigation found that (Officers Jonathan) Mattingly and (Myles) Cosgrove were justified in their use of force after having been fired on by Kenneth Walker. This justification bars us from pursuing criminal charges in Miss Breonna Taylor’s death.”

Protests have already been planned across the country, with many arrests already made in Louisville. Armored military vehicles have also arrived in the Illinois city.

When asked about the situation, the corrupt and racist President of The United States said that “my message is that I love the Black community and that I’ve done more for the Black community than any other president, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln.”

John Minchillo/AP

One of the shooters claims they “did the legal, moral, and ethical thing that night.”

In an email blast to 1,000 of his colleagues, Mattingly apologized to his fellow police and blamed Mayor Greg Fischer, Public Safety Chief Amy Hess, and former Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad for failing “all of us in epic proportions for their own gain and to cover their asses.”

“Regardless of the outcome today or Wednesday, I know we did the legal, moral and ethical thing that night,” he wrote to his colleagues. “It’s sad how the good guys are demonized, and the criminals are canonized.”

Breonna Taylor reportedly lived for upwards of five minutes after her shooting.

In his eyes, he, someone who fired several shots into an innocent Black woman and left her to die, is a “good guy” who has been demonized by society. Meanwhile, protestors who decry that Black lives matter; who demand equal rights amongst all; and who simply ask that cops are held accountable for their thuggish and baseless crimes, are the real criminals.

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