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On The Rise: Lightskin Bobby Releases New Album

On The Rise: Lightskin Bobby

Lightskin Bobby is on the rise in Atlanta, bringing his Bahamian roots to the sounds of Hip-Hop and R&B.

Lightskin Bobby is one of Atlanta’s freshest new rappers, and he’s bringing a new twist to the city’s sound. His new album, Last Of A Dying Breed, released earlier this week to widespread acclaim. Bobby’s last three singles have racked up over 2 million plays on Youtube. You can check out the new tape on Spotify and Apple Music.

“My music mixes R&B with Hip-Hop and integrates some of my Bahamian culture into the sound,” Lightskin Bobby explained. “Even though I’m from Atlanta, I’m not your typical Atlanta artist. I can actually sing, but I’m also kind of rough around the edges so it’s easy for people to think that I’m a rapper and not a singer. Little do they know, I can rap too, but I’m still a singer first.”

Bouncing between ballads and club bangers, Bobby looks to create hits that are both authentic and eclectic.

“My music is something that will make you durrty whine,” he added. “And it all sounds authentic and not like I’m jumping all over the place. It’s all a part of me, and I do it all so well.”

Lightskin Bobby

As a child, Bobby became a prodigy around the talent show circuit, winning multiple shows in Georgia and South Carolina, and competing on the legendary talent program “Showtime at The Apollo.” He’s worked with well-known producer Mr. Hankey, PS On The Track, Ali of Travis Porter, and infamous Atlanta music influencer DJ Kutt Throat.

“I’ve been a professional recording artist since high school. I’ve been on the scene for quite awhile, always in the mix and working with other known artists and producers, singing, recording, and putting out music videos,” Bobby said.  “Back then it wasn’t my time, but now it’s my season to shine. So here I am not ready to go, but already going. I’m an artist. I’ve been an artist and an independent, money-making artist at that.”

Lightskin Bobby also recently started his own record label, 4biddenPleasureMusic Group, however he seems to be the sole artist to the imprint.

Check out his song “Lil Baby” below. And be sure to comment either “It’s a great combination of GOATs,” “Bobby you’re really rocking,” “You’re making great music,” “Your music is lit,” or “You’re the real G,” because there are LITERALLY 1,000s of those EXACT comments. WHY?! That is some seriously impressive fanbase organization for someone who only gets around 20-100 comments per Instagram post.

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