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Omeretta The Great: ATL’s Best Kept Secret

Omeretta The Great: ATL's Best Kept Secret


Omeretta, also known as Omeretta The Great, is a 24-year-old female rapper originally from Atlanta Georgia. She rose up from music using social media platforms such as SoundCloud and Instagram.

On SoundCloud, she received several thousands of streams and some of her more popular tracks include “No More Love”, “Zero F*cks” and “Show Me Sum”.

She is seen as one of the most successful rappers in Georgia.

Omeretta The Great: ATL's Best Kept Secret

Tracks and Albums

Some of Omeretta’s tracks include “Boss Status”, “Long Way Out”, “Irking”, “Want The Top”, “Do You”, “Feeling Nobody”, “I Owe”, “All Bout”, “For What” and so much more you can listen to.

Some of her albums include “Welcome To The Jungle” and “Black Magic: A Dose Of Reality”.


You can listen to her projects on Spotify, YouTube, YouTube Music, Pandora,  Apple Music, iHeart Radio, and Deezer.


Operetta says when she was 1 year old her father had passed away which was very traumatic for her. She said she always felt lonely and like she lost her best friend after his death.

The rapper also shares how her friend died and how it was harder to express her feelings. Operetta would write every day in order to express how she felt and talks about how she just got on getting better and better. She talks about how she always was fascinated with words.

When she was younger she says a lot of people would say she was quite and soft-spoken while others would say she was very joyful.

The rapper even says she went to college for one year but then decided it was best to drop out. She even states how she had 7 jobs before she had even begun her rapping career. These include Panera Bread, Joe’s Crab Shack, The Amazon Wearhouse, A burger shack, Tasty China Jah, Metro PCS, and American Deli.

Omeretta The Great: ATL's Best Kept Secret


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