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NLE Choppa Says “Put Them Travis Scott Burgers Down”

NLE Choppa Says Put Them Travis Scott Burgers Down

NLE Choppa is using his platform to advocate for plant-based diets and sobriety.

Following last week’s announcement that he was forgoing violent rap for a holistic and spiritual lifestyle, NLE Choppa is now telling fans to put down their Travis Scott Quarter Pounders. On Sunday he tweeted, “Put them Travis Scott burgers down go to the farmers market go eat some vegetables!! eat plant-based foods!!” And, “Eat healthy man that food y’all eating can fucc with your mental too.”

He doubled down against the fast-food industry’s unhealthy practices in an Instagram video. “These people say I sound like a hater because I said to somebody to stop eating some shit that’s not good for them,” said NLE Choppa. “If anything, I sound like a supporter. Stop eating McDonald’s period. That shit is human meat. That shit is fucked up. Bro, that shit isn’t even real food. You can go on YouTube and look up what you’re eating. They done found human meat in these fools’ meat grinder, man. I’m just saying, I care about y’all. I ain’t even mad, I ain’t even pressed. I’m just clearing shit up. I’ve never been a hater. I don’t hate on no man.”

Choppa’s new positive outlook also includes a personal ban on alcohol. “Put down the alcohol today,” he preached via Twitter. “If you break down the word ‘alcohol’ it’s a demon spirit name called ‘Al-Kuhn’ which stands for ‘Body Eating Spirit’ this extracts the soul essence of entity which attracts bad energy or negative energy towards you. When you blackout that’s possession.”
Blacking out when intoxicated is the brain prioritizing bodily function over memory encoding, not a spiritual possession.

A quick update on NLE Choppa’s new garden.

The “Shotta Flow” rapper also provided an update on his new gardening project, which he originally started following a now lifted Twitter ban. “Update On My Garden, My Fall Harvest Is Going To Be Beautiful,” he said. “Food Shortages Are On The Way The News Ain’t Gone Cover It For Y’all. Get Y’all some Seeds And Start Growing Not Hard I Promise. Speak love to your plants we 70% water, water is living our vibrations are key, LOVEU.”

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