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Nas: Advocate for Passing of MORE Act


House set to vote on MORE Act first week of December.  

The MORE Act, which is currently bouncing around congress, will decriminalize marijuana at the federal level if passed. Critics feel that even if the MORE Act passes through the Democratic-controlled House, it is not likely the bill will pass through the Republican-controlled Senate.

Nas: Loud advocate for fair access to cannabis market.

For years, marijuana has been associated with rap  and hip-hop culture. Rappers are known to make reference to cannabis in their song at one point or another. Rapper and businessman Nas supports the decriminalization of marijuana at the federal level.
In a PSA created in conjunction with the technology company Weedmaps, the announcement advocates for a fair access to the lucrative cannabis market.

“We’re hoping to introduce a new audience to Weedmaps as well as bring attention to some of the important conversations happening around cannabis today,” said Juanjo Feijoo, Chief Marketing Officer at Weedmaps. “This is just one of many steps we are proactively taking to break down stigmas, promote social equity, and encourage all to join us in the fight for change.”

Last week the King’s Disease rapper produced, and narrated a documentary “SMOKE: Marijuana + Black America” which aired on BET.

What happens if MORE Act is passed in The House?

The bill will then be voted on in the Senate. If passed, the bill is signed and becomes law. Federal marijuana convictions and arrests would also be expunged if the MORE Act is passed.

The Controlled Substance Act passed in 1970, classified marijuana as a Schedule I substance, which includes other drugs like heroin, peyote, and ecstasy, in this category. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. is the lead sponsor of this bill. Joe Biden also openly supports this bill though President Trump has expressed opposition of this bill.

In states that have decriminalized hemp at the state level, industries that capitalize off of cannabis are flourishing and have withstood the impact of the pandemic. However, businesses in other industries have succumbed to provisions made to contain the virus.

This bill has been declared a tough one to pass by many experts. So far, three Republicans have pledged to vote yes on the bill to federally legalize cannabis. Rep. Don Young (R-AK), Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), and Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) have publicly voiced their support for this bill.

If the MORE Act is passed, it would implement a five percent federal sales tax, allow direct tax revenue programs to help communities impacted by the war on drugs, and give states discretion to regulate commercial marijuana industries. This is also a big deal for people who racked up low-level marijuana charges once before.


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