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Mulatto And Fivio’s Chemistry Over XXL Freestyle

Mulatto And Fivio's Chemistry Over XXL Freestyle
Photo by XXL

There was obvious chemistry during the XXL Freestyle.

Earlier this week many artists got to meet and some even had undeniable chemistry, like Mulatto and Fivio Foreign, during an XXL freestyle. The freestyle included Mulatto (ATL), Fivio (New York), Calboy (Chicago), and 24kGoldn (West Coast). The artist dropped a dope freestyle and got a chance to rap their own original verses.

Rap Flows

Mulatto saw this as a perfect opportunity to make her move on Fivio. Mulatto worked him down like she normally does, and came out with a flirtatiously great verse.

I don’t gotta rap about s*x/But this sh*t way too good not to brag on/I ain’t even fuck a rap ni**a yet, but if Fivio wants to then I ain’t gon’ pass on ’em/Yeah, b*tch, I get my mack on/He ain’t trickin’, I skip ’em like bad songs/I just dropped a hundred on jewelry during a pandemic, yeah, my money that long,” the female artist raps.

After Mulatto’s flow was done, it is then 24kGoldn’s time to rap. He comes in with his verse.

“Got your girl TikTokin’ to my sh*t/I see Fivi in the cut, Woo walkin’ in this bitch/I see Cal gettin’ wild, see the style too legit/And Mulatto she a queen, put a crown on that head,” he says.

Fivio now joins in, looking dripped out with his designer clothing. His verse undeniably catchy and has a great flow.

“I sit in the seat and I catch it if she throws it to me/They fallin’ asleep, but I never let ’em fumble the dream/Yeah, and I’ll never let ’em humble the king/Look, that’s coming from me, I call up movers and they coming at three, glttt, baow,” he rhymes.

Last but not least Polo G finishes it off with: “I ain’t been getting no sleep ’cause nigga I’m trappin’ a lot, aye/No, I’m not talkin’ ’bout Polo, but niggas be cappin’ a lot, aye/I gotta ride with that Nina ’cause niggas be yappin’ a lot, aye/I got some aim with that glizzy I’ll blow his lil cap off his top, for real.”

Check out the freestyle below and let DirtySouthHipHop know what you think about these bars.

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