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Monica and Master P Clash over C-Murder

Hope on the horizon

Monica, Master P, and C-Murder seem to be struggling over the same goal. C-Murder, whose legal name is Corey Miller, has been the center of a movement to prove his innocence since 2002. Recently, this movement has gained major momentum with the help of Kim Kardashian West. Kim Kardashian was introduced to this case by Monica, Corey Miller’s former love interest. With both women fighting for his freedom, Corey Miller has felt optimistic about a possible future release, as seen on the caption of one of his recent Instagram posts. He also goes so far as to suggest that the two women were angels that God sent.

Family Feud

This support, however, has put a strain on Corey Miller and Master P’s relationship, a fact that is evident on both men’s Instagram profiles. In the same post (pictured above) where Miller praises the two women for being divine help, he also makes cutting remarks to anyone else saying, “I am a man so it was no one’s responsibility to save me & no one attempted to!”. This is where the stories seem to diverge. Master P holds that he has always fought for his brother’s freedom, but Corey Miller’s post suggests that might not be the case, going so far as to punctuate his post with, “Focus on the Blessings, Not the Betrayals!” This prompted a messy back and forth between Master P and Monica on social media.

Enter Monica

Master P’s reaction to his brother’s post sparked a series of interactions between Monica and P. In a since-deleted post, P tags Monica and criticizes her support, as well as the support of Kim Kardashian.

Which promptly led to Monica’s response.

Moving forward

With all three parties left at a stalemate, it will be interesting to see who breaks the silence first. As it stands, the dysfunction within the family needs some resolution so an apology from whichever party is the ideal outcome. Hopefully, we see a united front emerge from this misunderstanding and the public sees Corey Miller walk free soon. Whether Kim Kardashian’s Support is performative or not, her name will definitely help gain some much-needed attention, especially after a previous attempt to start a petition for the rapper’s freedom saw very little support.


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