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MoneyBagg Yo Creates His Own Rap Snacks

Rap Snacks has made Moneybagg Yo the latest rap star to get his personalized bag of chips. Moneybagg Yo will be launching a hot zesty onion ring line for Rap Snacks and many fans are hyped for the release of this flavor to satisfy their taste buds.

In a short Instagram snippet, the Memphis rapper is shown munching on his new hot onion rings, saying the following, “Shout out to Rap Snacks. When you see this s### in the store, the bag with an n####’s face on it, aye cop my s###, don’t be hating. Cop my s###, I come from nothing, let’s go”.

Besides Moneybagg Yo, artists such as Migos and Cardi B have their own chips

Hip-hop star Romeo Miller signed with Rap Snacks and created his Bar-B-Quin with My Honey chip. “Stirfry” rappers the Migos have their faces featured on Sour Cream With a Dab of Ranch and Fetty Wap fans favor his Honey Jalapeno chips.

“WAP” superstar Cardi B has four special flavors from the collection. Bar-B-Kurr with My Honey, Spicy Vinakurr, BBQ Cheddar are all additional flavors of chips and she has a pork rinds bag coming soon.

Of course, we can’t forget that Boosie, Trina, and Lil Yachty all have their personalized bags; the chip company even paid tribute to Notorious B.I.G with his bag.

Now if you haven’t already bought a bag of these rap influence chips, here are some things you should know about them

Rap Snacks is a popular line of potato chips, onion rings, and pork grinds owned by rap icon Percy “Master P” Miller and Philadelphia native James “Fly” Lindsay. Rap Snacks was originally founded in 1994 by James Lindsay, but then was relaunched back in 2017, with the support of Master P.

The brand’s platform had already expanded and reached a hand full of Hip-Hop superstars with their own personal branded lines of the tasty, taste bud banging potato chips. They have also gained 4,200 Walmarts who are currently selling their chips.

Besides being a delicious bag of chips, Rap Snacks has considered entering the vegan scene. They are currently partnering with Slutty Vegan to produce a vegan chip option for the health buffs while giving the same satisfaction as the original chips.

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