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LisaRaye Talks About Who Will Be Playing Diamond In “Player’s Club”

LisaRaye McCoy won the hearts of many fans when she starred as exotic dancer Diana “Diamond Armstrong” in The Player’s Club. The 1998 drama is hopefully coming back to movie screens, and many fans are questioning who will be playing as LisaRaye McCoy’s iconic character.

On Instagram, ex-stripper Draya Michele shared her hope on playing Diamond in the remake of The Player’s Club. Draya then captioned “This could be me in a reboot but y’all playing @icecube,” to a photo of the movie’s cast.

Love & Hip Hop star Joseline Herandez was quick to make a shady comment on Draya’s idea

Soon after Draya’s hopeful playing on playing LisaRaye McCoy’s character, Love & Hip Hop star Joseline Hernandez made a shady comment on how she believed Draya was not suited best for the iconic role. Hernandez commented, “Except that she’s not #joselinescabaret everyone will agree that I’m the perfect girl to play that role @icecube.”

LisaRaye has finally revealed her opinions on the debate.

On the latest episode of Fox Soul’s Cocktails With Queens, LisaRaye spoke on the issue and who would best suit playing as Diamond if directors made The Player’s Club sequel.

“I do have a problem with some of the sequels. Sometimes when they’re done so well, it’s as if the first time you see it, it’s like, let Diamond be Diamond. Maybe somebody can play Cubic Zirconia. Diamond was done so well so she’s still Diamond, you know what I mean? I don’t know what to say,” LisaRaye laughed off.

The former First Lady of Turks and Caicos shared, “I’ll tell you that I don’t see Joseline in that role though… Honey, she got body-ody-ody-ody for real. And I think Draya can absolutely [play Diamond]. Draya did it for Halloween, and she did it very well. She hit me, ‘Look, I’m a little you,’ And I’ve actually acted in some things with her as well.”

Even though she followed up on the idea of having Draya cast, LisaRaye thought differently about the situation and had someone else in mind. She stated, “I think that they would do what Cube did in the first place, he would get a ‘no-name’ because a ‘no-name’ gives you an opportunity not to compare her to anything and anybody else.”

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