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Lil Baby Donates to Organization for Community

Lil Baby continues to help out the community through donations

Rapper Little Baby pledges to donate $1.5 Million to an organization that focuses on helping the community. He assures fans that the funds will be apportioned appropriately and fans will be informed.”I got 1.5 million dollars to donate off of “Bigger Picture “ I want the money to go we’re [where] it’s needed”, the “Global” rapper Lil Baby tweeted on Tuesday.

Baby’s donation will help communities in need

Police reforms and settlements have brought closure to cases in the judicial sense, yet Baby is stepping forward to do something for the greater good. With the $1.5 million donations, Lil Baby hopes to see the money go to community outreach and providing sources to communities in need. The rapper has always given back to the very communities he grew up in.

Lil Baby has personal experiences in the prison system

Baby’s whose real name is Dominique Jones, has had run-ins with the law. Growing up poor, he sold drugs as a teenager to help his mother out. After going in and out of jail, Baby ultimately got jammed up and was sentenced to two years in prison on weapons and drug charges.

The rapper has recalled harsh experiences in prison in the past and also shared his thoughts on how ineffective prison can be,

“Prison is just sitting you in a room somewhere. What does that do to better you for society? What does that do to help you change?” the artist says, “To me, jail makes you worse…. You don’t have a leash on your neck, but you got handcuffs on your wrists. You’re not in a dog cage but you’re in a human cage, which is not too much bigger than a dog cage. You live where you use the bathroom at. They feed you when they want to feed you. You eat when they tell you to eat. It’s almost like being a dog.”

Lil Baby’s track “The Bigger Picture” highlights racial tensions

“The Bigger Picture” was a track created amid racial tensions in the United States. Lil Baby’s video opens with protesters holding signs and standing in opposition to social and racial injustices.

Baby’s track reflects the times while clips of protests flash as the Atlanta rapper talks about personal experiences and experiences of others with regard to social and racial injustices.

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