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Key! Roasts Kenny Beats On Twitter, Kenny Sends Love Back

Key! Roasts Kenny Beats On Twitter, Kenny Sends Love Back

The influential rapper accused producer Kenny Beats of leaving him in “rapper purgatory.”

It’s a sad day for fans of Key! and Kenny Beats, and anyone hoping for a sequel to their 2018 album 777.

Earlier today the rapper took to Twitter to tirade against longtime collaborator, and one of hip-hop’s favorite producers right now.

“Before @kennybeats leaves me in rapper purgatory like everyone else. I’d like to do a 777 “2” but bra dumb Hollywood with me,” Key! tweeted. “Like he don’t give my swag out for free. lol fuck blood. Kenny Beats is the police.”

It is unclear what Key! is referencing if anything and Kenny seemed genuinely confused as well. “Idk what type of one you on but I’m here when you done,” he replied with a screenshot of Instagram DMs where they apparently made plans to link up.

Key! told him to “stfu pussy.”

At first, many fans believed this was a promo for an unannounced follow up to 777, however, Kenny quickly shot that theory down before showering Key! with love and telling his followers to do the same.

“I love Key forever,” he said. “Idk what he is upset about but show him nothing but respect and please tell him you love him.”

Key! who?

Key! remains one of the most influential artists of the last decade, however, he has largely gone unnoticed by the general public. Despite having an extensive back catalog and putting out one of 2020’s best albums, Key! never saw the same success as contemporaries such as 21 Savage, Playboi Carti, iLoveMakonnen, Father, or A$AP Rocky.

“He’s a young underground legend. He put on a lot of today’s biggest rappers,” Reese La Flare told Complex in 2018. “If you pay attention to the music you can hear and see Key’s influence [on what’s popular in rap]. The lines between underground and mainstream are very blurred, you know. The big guys look at Key and myself as ahead of the curve, so it’s only right they copy the drip.”

Earlier in the decade Key! seemed as if he was primed for superstardom. He featured on two huge hits, “Bitch You Guessed It” with OG Maco, and “Look At Wrist” with Father and iLoveMakonnen. He also had features on A$AP Mob’s Cozy Tapes and helped introduce 21 Savage, Playboi Carti, and Post Malone to the world.

Somehow, however, Key!’s brand of rap helped launch the careers of many while failing to launch his own.

According to one of his collaborators on rap group Two-9, Jace, Key! is one of the most influential rappers in spite of his lack of huge commercial success. “His influence is so blatant to me. So undeniable,” he told Complex in the aforementioned article before going on to credit him with one of the current rap’s most pervasive flows.

“It’s weird that it doesn’t get acknowledged more. I personally don’t remember anyone saying an “uh” or a little accent ad-lib continuously in-between every bar until he did. I remember it because when he started doing it, WE HATED IT! I don’t know, maybe I’m tripping. Maybe I’m biased. But I vividly remember when he started using that set up, that cadence and saying, ‘I’ve never heard this. This is new. This is different.’ Now, I hear it everywhere. It’s crazy.”

Jace continued by stating that “I think everyone should know that notoriety and influence are not mutually exclusive. You may not be that familiar with Key or his work or what he’s done. But most of the artists you love know exactly who he is.”

Key! released his most recent project earlier in June, titled I Love You Say It Back. That album followed 2019’s So Emotional and 777.

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