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Kayla Nicole Engaged And More Drama!?

The Engagement

The news just recently broke out, that American Singer and comedian Kayla Nicole is freshly engaged to Kye!

Though many are very happy for the two there is still some drama that comes with this announcement.

Drama Begins

A while back Kayla and her fiancé, Kye was announced to be having a threeway with a woman named Nae. However, four months ago it was also announced that they have broken up the threeway, and decided it was best for only Kayla and Kye to pursue a relationship without Nae. The ex-girlfriend Nae allegedly claimed it was because Kayla and Kye weren’t being intimate enough.

This is such a happy moment for Kayla and all but is that what her ex-girlfriend Nae thinks. It has been going around that Nae is bitter and jealous oh the two’s engagement while she claims she isn’t at all.

This is what Nae had to say about the whole situation “I AINT GOT NO RING! We ain’t together! I wish them nun but the best I’m not bitter whatsoever 🥰 I really am not trying to be reminded of them so stop mentioning me. I’m living my best single life 😘😘 JAZLYN RENEE HERE!”

The people on Instagram did not agree with her and thought she was being very bitter as some of the comments say “She lowkey feel some type of way” and “She didn’t even have to say anything.”

Nae’s Live about Kayla and Engagement

After the news on Kayla’s Engagement, her ex-girlfriend Nae decided to do a life to speak about the two’s relationship.

So Nae went on live talking about how happy she is for the two, but then took a turn when she started to talk about how toxic the entire relationship was while they were all together. She also goes on and talks about how people shouldn’t be associating with Kayla etc.

Now the comments on the youtube video live were talking about Kayla addressing the situation. Also, now others are talking about how Nae is actually the toxic one.

What are y’all thoughts on the whole situation?

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