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Kanye Tweets “I’m The New Moses,” Compares Music Contracts and NBA To Slavery

Kanye Tweets "I'm The New Moses," Compares Music Contracts and NBA To Slavery

Another week, another Kanye West Twitter tirade.

Kanye West, the 2020 Birthday Party presidential candidate, took a break from his failing campaign to announce he will not release new music until his record company Universal Music Group, and his publisher Sony/ATV release him from their contracts. He also requested for public apologies from Drake and J. Cole and a meeting with Jay-Z, although he does not make clear if these are also pre-requisites for the release of his long-teased album, DONDA.

“I’m not putting no more music out till I’m done with my contract with Sony and Universal … On God … in Jesus name … come and get me,” he tweeted followed by “Vivendi family I’m in Calabasas… come holla at me.” Vivendi is a French multimedia conglomerate who owns a majority stake in Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music label.

That was quickly followed with the request: “I need a publicly apology from J Cole and Drake to start with immediately … I’m Nat Turner … I’m fighting for us.” And then a since-deleted tweet stating “I’m the 2nd richest black man in America … I need all my people with me for us to get free.”

He originally also said “I’m waiting to meet with Sean Carter also,” before taking it down and tweeting “My bad I meant Shawn … no disrespect to my big bro.”

Kanye then said God was going to help mend his public disputes with other Black men, and that there’s no point in arguing over companies they don’t own. “I’m not industry bro … I don’t care… I’m in service to Christ … we need world healing … I miss my brothers… I refuse to argue with black men on labels we don’t own… even twitter.” He continued, “I have the utmost respect for all brothers … we need to link and respect each other… no more dissing each other on labels we don’t own.”

“I’m sure Steve Stoute was hurt that he didn’t do the McDonald’s deal … Steve’s a good man Trav is a good man … my brothers let’s rise up … we don’t even own these companies.”

“Let’s stop killing each other … let’s show God that we are Gods people … my ego gets the best of me too… God doesn’t measure us by money in his kingdom … let’s love each other… I love my brothers and I miss my friends … real talk.”

The tweetstorm then took a turn towards Kanye’s belief that the music industry and the NBA are modern forms of slavery. “I need to see everybody’s contracts at Universal and Sony,” he said. “I’m not gonna watch my people be enslaved I’m putting my life on the line for my people The music industry and the NBA are modern day slave ships I’m the new Moses.”

The tweeting finally ended with Kanye sharing an article about Kevin Durant and Steve Stoute, and their belief that athletes need to use their platform to stop his presidential run. Although he followed that with, “Steve Stoute is a good man … this is my brother … I’m disappointed with a lot of his recent decisions but Steve is my brother… I understand bro, and I’m here for life.”

It is currently unclear what triggered Kanye’s Twitter anger, however, he has long had conflicts with Universal as well as Sony/ATV who own EMI, who own the publishing rights to his catalog. According to NME, his contract states that “at no time during the Term will you seek to retire as a songwriter, recording artist or producer or take an extended hiatus during which you are not actively pursuing Your musical career in the same basic manner as You have pursued such career to date.”

Yeezy 2020 schedule announced.

Over the weekend, the polymathic rapper also tweeted out the Yeezy release schedule for the rest of the year. “When rogue Mavericks tweet there year role 1.5 billion dollar plan,” he announced followed by a calendar with images for each Yeezy shoe in the works.

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