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Kamala Harris Names Tupac “Greatest Rapper Alive”

Tupac… the Greatest Rapper ALIVE?

The best rapper alive debate will always be a subjective one. There are so many different greats to choose from, Jay-z, J. Cole, T.I., Kendrick Lamar and the list goes on.

Although Tupac is one of the best rappers ever, he doesn’t qualify for the best rapper alive debate, for obvious reasons. However, this was Kamala Harris’s answer when she was asked who was her favorite rapper alive during her virtual interview with NAACP.

Kamala listened to Snoop and Tupac while in college?

Was this just an honest mistake from Kamala? She did go to an HBCU and joined a sorority (AKA), so surely she has to know Tupac has passed away. We think what most people are gaging from this answer is, how connected is Kamala to the Hip-Hop community? Although Pac is a brilliant rapper/writer the answer just seems extremely cliche. There hasn’t been any new Pac music in ages, while other rappers since Pac’s death have been extremely successful.

I don’t know how much weight this will hold with the black community, but I’m sure it doesn’t help her case. In an earlier Breakfast Club interview, Kamala said when she was in college she used to smoke weed and listen to Snoop Dogg and Tupac. The only problem with that answer is, she graduated college in 1986, years before Pac or Snoop were on the rap scene.

Will Kamala continue to lie?

The Black community has been very critical of Kamala’s past as a district attorney. Some feel as if she made her career on passing unfair laws that targeted the black community.

With her past being in question, I think it would be best it Kamala just kept it real about her past. If she didn’t listen to rap, that’s fine, if she wasn’t a real Pac or Snoop fan, that is fine as well. The Black community is tired of being pandered to if Kamala will lie about small things like her rap music preference. Her honesty on other issues will continue to be questioned.

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