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Jhene Aiko Tweets Why She Doesn’t Use N-Word

Jhene Aiko refuses to use N-Word

Earlier this week, singer Jhene Aiko takes off to Twitter to explain her ethnicities, and why she no longer incorporates the N-word in her music.

The conversation sparked when an anonymous Twitter account asked Jhene: What is your ethnicity? She responds with an indirect answer but in another tweet further explains.

“Whispers, cat hair, slauson asphalt and sand from venice beach,” she responds.

In another tweet, she discusses what she is and how much of each ethnicity she has in her.

“I am less black than someone half black, but also less white than someone half white… and asian is the least thing i am. lol. So at this point, it’s whatever they want me to be,” the star says but however caused many confusion amongst her fans.

She then goes into a further explanation on why you won’t hear the N-word in her music anymore.

Why will she not use the N-word?

“Actually wait! lol. i would like to say one more thing that hopefully simplifies this statement,” Jhene states. “The discussion stemmed from the use of the n word in my music, in the past… and i let it be known i haven’t in a while and chose not to use it anymore moving forward out of respect and consideration to my ancestors and the individuals who feel uncomfortable when i say it.”

“I have a japanese grandfather and a creole/dominican grandmother on my mothers side… and both of my fathers parents are black and white. my dna results came in 25% asian, 33% african and 34% european,” she continued. “So that is what i was referencing in the tweet. also, those dna sites update and change from time to time so who actually knows.

“Ok now im done explaining, promise i am human and i see you all as family regardless of how u view me,” Jhene says ending her explanation.

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