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Jay Z & Pharrell Drop New Track “Entrepreneur”

Jay Z & Pharrell team up for the new track “Entrepreneur”

Jay Z, HOV, Jigga, or however you wish to call him has never shied away from including black empowerment in his bars. From the instant classic “4:14” to the gem coded album “Magna Carta Holy Grail”. HOVA has done his best to educate the new generation on the importance of black success. This new track is now different. The Pharrell Williams anthem speaks to pure unfiltered black excellence. Towards the end of the song Mr. Williams actually chants “black man” repeatedly. This chilling performance gives the listener an uneasy vibe, perhaps purposeful to match the fight going on outside.

The beat of course is an abstract wonderland of sounds that set the tone perfectly for the subject matter. It’s very airy but has a strong kick pattern, that leads to immediate head nodding and toe-tapping. The chorus showcases Pharrell’s incredible vocal range with harmonies that seem to float alongside the beat. Like sprinkles on a cupcake. This eases the listener to become even more fixated on the cool jumpy kick. Perhaps worthy of a soft “milly rock” or two.

Jay-Z’s verse is another successful day at the office for HOV. His patented perky-jerky delivery slices through the airy production like a warm knife. The wordplay is elite as expected from the veteran emcee and choosing the rap over the beat instead along with it is a truly beautiful decision on Jay’s part. Much like with Pharrell, Jay Z floats along with the instrumentation making for a smooth vibe.

The Music Video

The music video showcases many real-life minority entrepreneurs (as the song title would suggest). Most notably is an appearance from fellow rapper Tyler The Creator. His acolytes were so long they literally couldn’t all fit on the screen. A comical yet proud moment to spotlight the young California rapper.

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