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Jay-Z and CLMBR Collab Together

Jay-Z and CLMBR Collab Together

Jay-Z invests with At-Home Fitness equipment brand

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have recently been involved with at-home fitness brands. Tennis legend Novak Djokovic and megastar Jay-Z announced their investment in an at-home fitness equipment brand CLMBR.

In a summer interview with Forbes, the vice president of research and product marketing at Mindbody, reported that the platform had seen a 56% increase in the use of video workouts and a 78% increase in the use of live-streamed classes compared to data back in 2019.

CEOs of popular gyms and fitness services including Barry’s, Tracy Anderson, and Orangetheory, all reported an increase in the use of their virtual offerings in an interview back in October. The workout businesses have greatly increased throughout the years, and we understand why big investors and stars would want to be apart of this journey.

Jay-Z and Djokovic are planning to launch two at-home vertical climbing machines in 2021.

Even the machines will be larger than an average incline machine, it is very unlikely that an average person will put it in their living room.

Nat Carruthers, chief designer said in the latest interview, “We wanted to ensure the most important quality of the machine was not a single attribute but instead a subtle balance between a natural aesthetic beauty and visual simplicity with pure functional efficiency,” he continues, “This drove us to ensure we created a machine that was an honest and authentic expression of its intended use while being simple and elegant to fit seamlessly into your home and daily routine.”

Djokovic said, “Vertical climbing has been known to be an incredibly efficient total body workout without impact,” he said in a release. “Also, it puts your body in a neutral spine alignment, which is important for me as an athlete.”

Beyoncé has recently teamed up with Peloton, which not only focuses on exercise and music but is also a charity initiative.

Beyoncé and Peloton’s mission was to give two-year memberships to students who attend HBCUs across the country.

In a recent statement, Beyoncé said, “Peloton and I both believe that the power of music can help uplift, motivate, and inspire those on their fitness journeys.” She continued, “I’m proud to celebrate the students at HBCUs with this donation, to encourage them to find and embrace their wellness regimens. “

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