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Jaden New Album: “CTV3” (Cool Tape Volume 3)

Jaden New Album: "CTV3" (Cool Tape Volume 3)


Did Jaden Write His Coming Out Album?

Jaden Smith’s tracklist just dropped for his new album “CTV3” (Cool Tape Volume 3) today! 17 songs will be on the album including songs featuring Justin Bieber and Raury. Many fans of his music are hyped up by the visual effects in his music videos. Real fans of his music knows most of his songs come from a moment in his life and is very known for expressing his mental state through his music. The cover shows a light blue and purple ombre background with a colorful old fashioned styled car covered in flowers.



A rainbow is also seen behind the car. Many Instagram users made speculations that Jaden might be “coming out the closet” and announcing his sexuality. A few “hints” such as the rainbow on his cover and even comments on his physical appearance were made to support their argument.


Does Tyler the Creator and Jaden have something going on?


Rumors were spread that Jaden Smith and rapper Tyler The Creator were having a secret romantic related relationship.
In January 2020, Tyler was awarded a Grammy Award, when Tyler received the award, Jaden flooded twitter with his tweets calling Tyler his ‘boyfriend.’ Finally, Jaden’s family got to know about Jaden’s sexuality. While Jaden confirmed about their love and relationship. Jaden accepted his love openly for Tyler even though several women we’re crazy about Jaden. Later on, Jaden again confirmed the news while breaking the hearts of his secret admirers.



What did Will Smith think about this album?



Although, Will Smith was highly disappointed in the beginning. But even for famous stars like Will Smith, it’s hard to accept these things and he will face any kind of talk behind him that he has to overcome. Later, Will showed his interest in supporting his son, no matter what. Both Will and Jada accepted his newfound love. Now they are ready to support him in every step. In addition to that, the fans were also happy. Finally Jaden revealed about being a Gay.


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