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Jack Harlow and Russ Fight Playing Basketball

Harlow & Russ’ Crews Cause On-Court Scuffle

Both Jack Harlow and Russ had crew members that got into a fight during a basketball game.  On Sunday both Harlow and Russ were participating in the “Crew Leauge” a celebrity basketball tournament where tension escalated quickly.

The No Jumper Twitter account shows that Harlow committed a hard foul on a player from Russ’ team leading to the ensuing tussle.

Following the fight between Jack Harlow and Russ’s teams, the game was able to finish with Team Russ prevailing over Team Harlow 22-9.  There has been a long-standing history of rappers wanting to be ballplayers and vice versa.  Happenings like these add entertaining depth to the culture helping to breed a sense of friendly competition between most artists.


Going forward, people will be interested to see if other “Crew League” games will have any incidents like the one between Harlow and Russ’s teams.  With the NBA a few months away from restarting, it’s a different way for fans of basketball and Hip-Hop to find a fix before the new season starts.

Career Success Leads to On-Court Bravado.

Jack Harlow and Russ both have had great success in their young music careers making their clash even more intriguing.  In 2020 Harlow has been able to gain more traction in the public eye with consistent quality and lyricism as seen in the What’s Poppin Remix.  The star-studded remix is debuted at number 2 on the Billboard charts solidfiying his ability to make hits.

Russ has also been making a significant impact with his artistry due to his ability to be a profitable indie artist.  The entirety of Russ’s brand is appealing to so many because of his emphasis on the artist receiving their maximum worth.  Both of these artists have made contributions that lead to them being some of the most-watched prospects in the current landscape of Hip-Hop.

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