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J.Cole Seen Shooting “Off Season” Music Video

Dreamville Star is Working on New Music


2021 is looking to be the year that J.Cole delivers on his promise for a new project as clips of him shooting the music video for his song “Off-Season” .  Cole’s manager Ibrahim Hamad had posted a photo of the Fayetteville star on set for a video shoot.

The caption from Hamad’s post read “Locked in. The Off-Season”

Fans have been waiting for a J.Cole project since last year when he promised fans that The Fall Off and he only dropped singles in the summertime (“Lion King on Ice” and “The Climb Back”).

Cole had used his own Instagram account earlier this month to post, a list that he had titled “The Fall Off Era”.  In his post Cole told his fans “I still got some goals I gotta check off for’ I scram…”

The two top tasks on the list “features” and “ROTD3” have already been crossed off.  With “The Offseason” next up Ibrahim’s post serves as a good sign for Cole fans that new music including The Fall Off is coming soon.

There has not been much confirmed on how big or small “The Off-season” is.  The speculation at this time is that “The Off-season” is a mixtape that preludes The Fall Off listed at the bottom of Cole’s post.

In between his music, Cole has been involved in ventures of fashion and style with Puma.  The RS-Dreamers sneaker line came in multiple color-ways and was very successful in sales.

Despite his success with Puma, Cole’s fans repeatedly demanded that he dropped The Fall Off and criticized his lack of productivity musically speaking.

Following the release of his last studio album KOD, Cole had made series of features and worked on ROTD 3 on schedule with the list he previously posted.  Although it may not be at the pace his fans prefer, Cole is following his plan at a meticulous pace.

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