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Is PinkPantheress The Next Big Thing?

PinkPantheress is the latest artist name that has influentially spread the alt-scene to the younger generation. Around late January, the 20-year-old musician PinkPantheress posted a TikTok video that flipped the song “Flowers,” by Sweet Female Attitude, but little did she know she had created a meme. “It’s eight o’clock in the morning,” the song sings in a melodic tooney sound which fans fell in love with as soon as they heard.


PinkPantheress explodes in popularity

Immediately the TikTok post of the sound gained popularity, where it got 1.4 million views as well as thousands of other TikTok users using the song in their own videos. PinkPantheress attends college in Britain, so of course, TikTok was her first destination to post her music. She’s explained how it’s a space to grow an audience more successfully than other traditional platforms.

“The thing that makes it hard to share music on things like SoundCloud or Spotify, initially, is that you need to be interested before you listen to the artist, you need to already know about the artist,” the artist explains. “Whereas on TikTok, you don’t need to know, you don’t even need to have followers.”


Her second viral sensation

After her viral success, PinkPantheress recorded an expanded version of the track and finally released it on streaming services. The small song now has more than 42 million plays on Spotify. Additionally, the artist released another track, “Just for me,” which gained comparable popularity on TikTok in the past few weeks. It appears to be a new wave of Soundcloud artists popularizing on TikTok, such as Babyxsosa and Bktherula. All of these artists are using methods like influencing special ways to dress this aesthetic too.

“Don’t make music with hopes of pleasing absolutely everyone with what you want to make, because if I would’ve done that, then I don’t think anyone would be listening to me,” says PinkPantheress, at the end of an interview. “If you don’t have Garageband [or production software], it’s not a big deal. Just get an instrument, record it on your phone, sing over it, record that on your phone. Music can be done in so many ways.”

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