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Is Kanye Aiming to split the Black Vote?

In early July, Kanye West announced he is officially be running for president, initially, people wondered how would this affect the black vote. A lot of people didn’t know if he was being serious, or if it was just another one of Kanye’s antics. About a week after his presidential announcement, Kanye announced he would be releasing a new album entitled Donda. 

Many people had questions about the legitimacy of Kanye’s presidential run. With it being so late in the year, many people wondered if Kanye was able to run. There was never really a clear cut yes or no, on if he could run or not. Some reports can out and said Kanye missed some important deadlines. but that didn’t seem to stop ye from stating his campaign tour.

Kanye’s first presidential rally took place in South Carolina, and it left most people more confused. Kanye yelled odd claims such as “My dad tried to kill me” and “I almost killed my daughter”. In both outbursts, Kanye was referring to his father wanting to abort him, and him wanting to abort his daughter.

In the past Kanye has been vocal about his support of President Trump. This is another why it was weird to think Kanye would be running against a president he considers a friend. But is there a different motive at hand. It still is somewhat unclear on if Kanye can officially run for president or not. However, we can be pretty sure to say we know Kanye won’t win.

Even if his name isn’t on the ballot, Kanye can still have an impact on this election. Whether you love ye, hate ye, miss the old ye, or feel indifferent about him, you can’t deny his influence. Kayne has a huge platform, and he has the ability to take away votes from Joe Biden, specifically the black vote. This would obviously be a clear advantage for trump. Trump and the republican party are very aware of this and it seems as if they are assisting Kanye to get his name on the ballot. It seems as if Trump and the republican party are only assisting Kanye in an effort to divert the black vote.

This election is shaping up to be one of the most important elections of all time. Only time will tell how or if, Kanye will have an impact on it.



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