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Is Bow Wow mimicking XXXTentacion?

Is Bow Wow mimicking XXXTentacion?

Bow Wow is now being accused of his new music announcement having a lot of similarities with the late rapper XXXTentacion and many are not amused with this. Bow Wow announced a new song titled, “Bad Vibes” with the cover art that included a design that was eerily similar to XXXTentacion’s broken heart logo.

“Bow Wow with the braids is back,” he tweeted along with a snippet of the song. Bow Wow soon after deleted the post after gaining too much negative attention due to him copying and giving zero credit to XXXTentacion.

Many people found similarities very quickly.

Similarities instantly hit those who observed the cover art of “Bad Vibes”, while suggesting he was mimicking the late rap star. DJ Scheme, X’s close friend, was one of the first to call out Shad Moss. “Delete this Lil bro trust,” he tweeted.

Fans of XXXTENTACION didn’t take the announcement lightly. Even though there is a huge amount of people who are upset about this incident, certain fans are excited about the return of Bow Wow with the braids.

How did fans of Bow Wow and XXXTentacion sides react on Twitter?

Even though Bow Wow did take down the post, it was a little too late. Many XXXTentacion fans and current fans of Bow Wow continued attacking the ATL rapper in defense of X.

Tweets such as “someone kick this niggas ass if Bow Wow stealing from X for?”, “WTF is Bow “, and “Is Bow wow using x’s entire brand to get the attention off him on his tiptoes every picture?”. These were all tweets made by fellow Twitter users about the current situation with Bow Wow and late rapper XXXTentacion.

Many of them departed from Twitter to Instagram where they resumed to criticize Bow Wow in a video completely unrelated to the situation, just to troll him. Do you guys think Bow Wow should continue his extended music break until the Covid-19 pandemic is over?

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