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Hip-Hop Uncovered Gives History on the Culture

FX Docuseries Explains Duality of Hip-Hop and Street Culture.


On February 12, FX premiered a new docuseries titled Hip-Hop Uncovered that tells the stories of five individuals and their impact on Hip-Hop based on their upbringing in street culture.

The series begins by introducing the main contributors Big U, Bimmy and Deb Antney, Haitian Jack, and Trick Trick.

For fans of music from the Dirty South, Deb’s name may ring bells as she broke the names of artists like Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka.

While all five individuals have different upbringings and circumstances that drove them to their lives of infamy, they also possess a common trait of ingenuity and ambition that shows itself early in the first episode.

The first episode does a wonderful job of showing the direct connection between the early success of Hip-Hop and Street Culture.

Before Hip-Hop became a household name with major marketing dollars, artists were funded by the neighborhood drug dealers in many cases.

People like Bimmy Antney recount his connections and experience in growing up in Jamaica Queens linking with legends like Run DMC through his exploits of running with the notorious Supreme Team.

The series delves deep into the concept of developing a strong sense of self-respect in whatever someone does to acheive influence and power.

Hatian Jack gives vivid details about coming into his power as a stick-up artist along with his reasoning of not wanting to be viewed as a weak person because he was a Hatian growing up in America.

Even though there are only two episodes so far, Hip-Hop Uncovered has already made an excellent effort to show the audience the consequences that come from Street Culture.

Deb Antney was on record disucssing how in the midst of her making her rounds that she was shot four times.  What made the story so shocking for viewers is that Deb claimed the person who she was driving with used her as a shield for the oncoming bullets.

With the first two episodes setting a high benchmark of intrigue, Hip-Hop Uncovered is a definite must watch for fans who want a better understanding of how Street Culture has fueled the evolution of Hip-Hop as a genre.

There are many more stories that will come from Hip-Hop Uncovered given that there are six episodes in total that will air on FX.  The first two episodes can be streamed on Hulu with the third episode premiering February 19.

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