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George Floyd Hologram Covers Confederate Statue

George Floyd Memorial

The name George Floyd will forever be a household name. Derek Chauvin kept his knee on Georges’s neck for over 8 minutes. After his death, protests broke out all over the country, a lot of them turned violent. Unfortunately, this story was one that is all too familiar to the black community. But this time things were different. The protest, rioting, and looting that followed George’s death was something this country has never seen.

It didn’t take long for Derek Chauvin, and three other officers (Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng) to be charged with murder. But the protest didn’t conclude  after the arrest, The Black Lives Matter movement was as strong as its ever been.

George Floyd Hologram

There were a lot of different ways people were choosing to protest, one method that garnered a lot of attention was tearing down statues of old historical white figures. The J.E.B Stuart Monument in Virginia was defaced. The statue of Christopher Colombus at Minnesota was pulled down. The statue of Robert Milligan was vandalized. The Albert Pike memorial in Washington D.C was also pulled down.

On Tuesday a hologram of George Floyd was projected over the Robert E. Lee statue on Richmond’s Monument Avenue. Robert E. Lee was a known slave owner. George’s family went to Virginia to witness the unveiling of the hologram. “We’re here to share this special moment for my brother. The plan is to unveil Georges’s hologram over other racist symbols throughout America”. They plan to visit North Carolina, Georiga, and a few other states. They will attempt to follow the same route as the 1961 Freedom rides.

The hologram was created by the George Floyd Foundation, who partnered with to create the hologram. There was one small disturbance at the event. A video shows a white woman yelling at a large group of people. She was recorded yelling, “This is public property. This is my city.”. Onlookers were calling her a racist and asking for her to be removed. The woman responded by yelling “Look at that nigger sh**”. Onlookers again asked the woman to leave. The disrupter eventually left and thus the memorial went on as planned.

It’s obvious to see that people aren’t ready to stop protesting over Mr. Floyd’ s death. One person in particular who has continued to be vocal about George, is his childhood friend and NBA champion, Stephen Jackson. Jackson has taken it upon himself to lead a movement that will result in justice for his friend. Moreover, Stephen has been all around the country speaking on behalf of his slain friend. Similar to the activisim work he was been putting in for Floyd, he has also been using his platform to demand justice for the other unarmed black people who have been murdered by police.

Gianna’s College Fund

Kanye west revealed he created a college fund for George’s daughter, Gianna. In addition to the college fund, Kanye gave $2 million dollars to mutiple charites that are supported by the death of George.


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