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Future Links With Blackmigo Scooter For New Single

Blackmigo Scooter and Future

Atlanta has a new banger

This past Monday, Atlanta legends Blackmigo Scooter and Future linked up once again to make a song for the people. The track titled “Black Migo”, is produced by legendary Atlanta producer Zaytoven. With hard-hitting snares, a deep 808 bass that will make your subs knock, and hi-hats that make your head nod, it’s safe to say this song is a banger.

Scooter delivers a very simple, yet effective hook on the track. You can hear “Blackmigo, Blackmigo, I got M’s came a long way from zeroes” at the 55-second mark, where he is reminding us how he got it out the mud. He really is a neighborhood hero.

Blackmigo is able to slide with ease throughout the first verse as well, where he lets us know he still frequents the hood despite his success, that he didn’t forget certain methods of cooking, and that Future and he are the best duo since Kobe and Shaq.



Hendrixx continues to deliver.

If T-Pain brought auto-tune to the mainstream, Future took it, perfected it, and made it gangsta. Future’s feature consists of his futuristic auto-crooner flow mixed with hardcore lyrics that remind you he is still about that life.

He can be heard on the verse saying “all these .223’s and dracos, they just might be on my line” and “all these shooters in my city I be with killers all the time”.

Real, authentic lyrics. Yet, you are still able to hear the pain of Future’s voice.

What’s next for these two?

Blackmigo Scooter

Blackmigo is the type of artist who drops music when he feels it is ready for the people. He does not release a lot of features or projects, but when he does? The people are ready.

Most recently, you can catch Future on the new Travis Scott remix to his song “Franchise” featuring M.I.A, and on up-and-coming Atlanta artist Pap Chanel’s new single, “Gucci Bucket Hat.”

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