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Fans Salute Lil Jon After Bay Area #Verzuz Matchup

Fans began praising Lil Jon during the Bay Area #Vezuz battle.

Another #Verzuz battle goes down in the books and E-40 along with Too Short brought west coast vibes Saturday night to the matchup. E-40 definitely pulled up to the battle in high gear and Too Short was right alongside 40 in like manner. Though the two Bay Area artists headlined the battle, and entertained viewers, music fans couldn’t help but salute southern producer Lil Jon after listening to several tracks composed by the down south mega star.

Too Short explains relationship with Lil Jon just ahead of battle with E-40

During an interview with Chuck Dizzle and DJ Hed on Homegrown Radio(REAL 92.3 LA), Too Short briefly explained his relationship with Lil Jon. The Bay Area artist shared how he advocated for the ‘King of Crunk’ before widespread notoriety outside of the southern region.

“I brought him to Jive trying to get him on there as an artist and they didn’t believe in him they thought he was a local dude they like they’re like he’s hot down in Atlanta, in Tennessee in South Carolina, but he’s never going to be big outside of the um southeast area, region I’m like all right he went to um TVT and got his little deal and blew the f### up,” Too Short continued. At that time, Too Short was unable to convince Jive Records of Lil Jon’s potential to break outside of the south, however the label eventually warmed up to the distinctive stylings of the ‘King of Crunk’.

Too Short continued to elaborate on the pivotal shift in Lil Jon’s career, “…And then Jive you know with the foot in the mouth, it was like watching, because he’s also producing all these records for me and they their opinion and they know who he is you know been in the building they know and they went behind my back and started giving him a gang of work he didn’t work for me but at the same time, I was trying to tell him this mother####### dope and then they play like ah he’s just raised you know he’s original and then went behind my back and started putting him on hella productions…”

The “dirty south” links with the west and the outcome is beautiful

Lil Jon shared with fans he would be DJing live the night of the #Verzuz battle. The Atlanta producer created a number of bangers for E-40 like “My Ghetto Report Card”, “Tell Me When to Go“, “Breaking News”, and “Ball Street Journal.  Not to mention, the popular single “Snap Yo Fingers” featuring  Sean Paul. This single is sure to make crowds bounce, bob, and sway to the beat to this day. E-40, Petey Pablo, Bun B & 8Ball featured on “Rep Yo City“, a song also produced by Mr. King of Crunk.

One of the south’s hottest producers also created tracks for Too Short like “Blow the Whistle”, “Married to the Game” and would produce “Bia Bia 2” which featured Too Short and Chyna Whyte. Pictured below is Lil Jon, E-40, and Too Short in an Instagram post Lil Jon shared just before the showdown.

Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz

Whew! If you haven’t heard of this trio, where have you been?? Lil Jon was the frontman of the multi-platinum selling group Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz (Big Sam & Lil Bo). Members of the group, including Lil Jon were key components in the ‘crunk’ sub-genre helping to bolster the south and the ‘crunk’ subgenre eventually gained mainstream success. The rap group would introduce the single “Who U Wit” in 1996 and “Shawty Freak a Lil Sumthin” produced by DJ Toomp, which dropped the following year. Eventually, the group would expand further than the southern region, becoming a household name everywhere.

One of my favorite albums of all time is the group’s sophomore studio album “Kings of Crunk!” This album is definitely a classic and is laced with hot tracks like “Throw It Up” featuring Pastor Troy, “Rep Yo City”, “I Don’t Give A“, “Get Low” featuring the Ying Yang Twins, and “Nothins Free”. Listen to me! Lil Jon’s “hit list” is endless and the south birthed a true legend. Lil Jon would go on to create hits like  Freek-a-Leek”,”Goodies“, and “Yeah!” a collaboration with A-Town’s own, Usher and Ludacris, which won a Grammy Award for Best/Rap Sung Collaboration.

Lil Jon’s discography displays range and creative opulence and these are only a few of many noteworthy songs the mega producer shared with the world during his career. After the ‘crunk era’ Lil Jon would tap into other genres of music further extending his reach in the industry.

Fans show appreciation for Lil Jon’s musical contributions

Following the battle, fans on Twitter expressed unwavering support to artist and producer Lil Jon.

Man! We knew this was going to be a Bay Area thing, but fans were ecstatic when they were reminded of Lil Jon’s impressive catalog. No matter how you flip it, the south still havin something to say! And I don’t think that’s going to change. Salute to the trillest!



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