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Estate of Aretha Franklin Reaches Agreement With IRS


Aretha Franklin will forever live in many hearts of others and her passing has affected many people. While affecting a lot of people, her passing in` 2018 has also brought attention to the Internal Revenue Service. Just weeks after the death of Aretha Franklin the IRS was quicker to announce the singer’s huge dept in taxes, interests, and penalties.

The IRS has announced that Aretha Franklin has reached $7.8 million in tax dept

The IRS claimed the singer’s estate owed more than $7.8 million which were all from 2010 to 2017. Even though Aretha’s family is trying their best to sort out the dead singer’s abrupt estate, the IRS has a thing for playing out family against family.

Now it is reported that Aretha Franklin’s four sons and the IRS have finally settled on an agreement that would speed the progress of taking care of the remaining tax burden. The agreement involves the sons giving part of the money from their late mother’s fortune. Even with this agreement, the heirs have received no money from the estate because of the IRS situation.

A petition was held to recommend a specific instant payment to the IRS

In a petition that was completed on Feb. 19 in Oakland County Probate Court, the estate said the recommended composition holds an instant $800,000 payment to the IRS, though the estate remains to oppose the overall balance owed.

Since the death of Aretha Franklin, the estate has been paying back on the tax debt in a steady motion and its interest. In late December, the balance on the IRS books decreased down to $4.75 million. The new filing says the closing IRS bill will be concluded: “by agreement or litigation.”

So far the deal between the estate and the IRS outlines the progress of Aretha Franklin and her revenue and will be designated until the tax debt is resolved. From January 1st, it includes new income from song royalties, licensing agreements, and other money streams.

The deal also wants 45% of quarterly revenue to go toward the existing IRS balance. While another 40% would be addressed to an escrow account to manage future taxes on the newly produced income. The remaining 15% of revenue would be used for managing the estate.

The agreement promises to create instant $50,000 payments to each of Franklin’s four sons: Clarence, Edward, Teddy, and Kecalf. This will clear the space for extra periodic cash payouts to them.

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