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Erykah Badu And Summer Walker Digital Bonding

Erykah And Summer spend time bonding

Both very talented R&B stars, Summer Walker and legend Erykah Badu got a chance to sit down with each other recently. The two conversed and talked about a variety of topics to relate to.

The two were already friends, with daily calls, so it was no surprise they automatically had something to talk about. Erykah talks to summer about how her emotions and feelings are going, being introverted and famous.

“A lot of the young girls are really, really, really in love with your message and who you are. How does that make you feel — that Summer, the little girl who is an introvert, touched so many people?” Erykah says.

“It’s weird. But I appreciate it. I know a lot of people [think] that I take it for granted or something, but I do appreciate it. I just don’t know how to process it,” Summer responds.

The two even got to relate to how they were both introverted and would usually shy away from the crowd.

“I used to think I was the odd man out all the time, or the strange person in the group because I couldn’t relate to a lot of the emotions that people had. It’s something I had to figure out. Remember when you would have a fire drill or tornado drill at school, and the kids would have to get under the desks? Some kids would be crying, and I’d be wondering, “What’s wrong?” I never did get hyper-emotional about things. It made me feel odd because it’s such a hyper-emotional world. So I created my own space, my own world,” Erykah says.

Erykah addresses Andre 3k speculations

One important conversation that sparked was about Erykah’s relationship with rapper Andre 3k. Many, including fans of Erykah, have been wondering about the two’s relationship for quite some time now back since decades ago in the ’90s.

She starts off by saying how they skipped the friend stage, and that they always knew they had an attraction for each other.

“When we became boyfriend and girlfriend in the ‘90s, we didn’t become friends first. We were attracted to each other first,” Badu says.

“We had stuff in common, but we didn’t learn all of that until over the years. We have a 23-year-old son. Over these years, we’ve just become closer and closer as friends, as humans, as man, as woman,” she continues.

Even though they are not in a romantic relationship, she still cares very deeply about him.

“I care for him so very much, about his livelihood, his art, his feelings. And I’m a super big fan of him. I’m assuming he’s also a fan of my music. We’re really close.”


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