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DSHH Exclusive: Tana Da Mac Gives Game

Atlanta Bred Indie Artist Tells of Ups and Downs in the Industry

  Tana Da Mac formerly known as Montana Da Mac is a seasoned indie artist that has defined his success in his career.  DirtySouthHipHop took some time to chop it up with Tana to learn more about who he is as an artist and a man.


What City Do You Hail From?

“I’m from Atlanta, Ga I was born at Grady Hospital. I really grew up on every side of town. I jumped off the porch early but East Atlanta where my music officially started buzzing. “

Your Name Has a Significant Meaning in ATL Hip-Hop, Are you Still Going by Da Mac?

“I’m still the Mac I just wanted to re-invent myself And everybody had already dropped the Montana cause the streets was calling me Tana any way. Then I took a break so I can get my focus back together. I did just that and decided to run with just Tana. I feel like it’s a more mature me & it fits.”

How Long Have You Been Active in the Music Game?

“I got my first deal back in 2007,  but I had local records buzzing before my actual first major record deal. I took a 3 year break from the industry but I still was featured on other artist’s records and dropped a few more during the time frame up until now.”

“So honestly I might be knocking on 12,13 years of ups and downs with the industry but I wouldn’t change nothing if I can do it over it all was learning experience. I was tied in to contracts and that alone is a migraine.”

How Are You Going to Approach the Game with the New Younger Artists Out Here?

“I’m coming just like how I came in and that’s hard. I don’t really listen to nobody music cause I make so much of my own music and always critiquing my craft. But I have nothing against the younger artists, cause I was them at one point in time.”

“I respect everybody hustle, music, and grind it would be different if I never experienced hands own but I understand every aspect of the game.”


Who are Some of the Artists and Producers You’ve Worked with for Your New Music?

“Starlito, Rocko, Street Money Boochie, Dj Toomp, Hollywood J & Dj Pookie are my 2 main producers who helped me create my new sound.

“So I work with them alot But it’s alot of artist I worked with but our relationships are different now due to certain situations that happened not pertaining to music.”

“So I choose not to speak on and those artist or even present those records because I’ll be doing them over by myself or reach out to a couple other artists I’m cool with.”

Who Would You Say are Your Greatest Inspirations to Stay Making Music Today?

“I probably would have to give it to the boy Tall, y’all know him as 2 Chainz. Every time we chopped it up it ain’t nothing but love but big bro leaves you with something that you can use in life and ya career.”

“Then me and Bankroll Fresh was very close so me and him used to talk about life, music alot. He the one told me to get back at it before he passed so I feel as if I owe it to him, myself, and God for giving me a talent that everybody doesn’t have. So that’s my motivation. “

In Atlanta, What are You Bringing Back to the Game for the Culture?

“First and foremost I really can rap and started alot of trends from my city. I’m bringing whatever comes out of my creativity.”

“I can’t specifically give u a name for the sound I’ve been creating lately but it is very different from what other artists have been putting out but it’s no disrespect to no one I’m just arrogant and confident when it comes to my craft. It’s a God Given talent that I’ve been able to”

Explain Your New Single and What’s Your Current Project?

“Kickin My P is the new single I recently released. Produced by GL the same producer who did my Girls Gone Wild single Ft. Stuey Rock. But it’s a new saute’ to the game cause the vibe of it is different.  “

“Curently working on a EP called #DaOther1 7-8 songs you can ride from beginning to end & I put that on Jesus sandles. “

So With the Climate of Today’s Artists Using Ghostwriters, Have You Written for Other Artists?

“I did alot of writing for Bread Winner Kane but mostly I give other artists ideas because our relationships are closer than just music. The artist I actually do songs with I know they’re family’s as well.”

“But I don’t prefer ghost writing unless it’s a big check involved honestly. Especially with me working on my own project I haven’t really tapped in on nobody else’s projects but alot of artist reach out to me for features alot so who knows what the future holds. “

Where Can Fans and Followers Find Everything About You on Social Media?

Instagram: @RichPrickTana

Twitter: @RichPrickTana

Youtube: WatchTana

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