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Did Lil Nas X Have The Best Halloween Costume?

Lil Nas X went all out for Halloween

Yesterday, rapper Lil Nas X dressed up as one of his favorite rappers. Who may that be? The one and only, Nicki Minaj. Yes, Lil Nas X dressed up in head-to-toe full drag. He took the look from Nicki’s iconic music video, “Super Bass”.

Nicki Minaj in the Super Bass music video

via Instagram @lilnasx

He made sure he got every detail down, which made his outfit impressive. He wore a body-hugging pink giraffe print bodysuit, neon heels, bracelets, long cotton candy-colored nails, and a blonde and pink split wig. He also had dramatic makeup on. To really sell the look, he appears to be wearing fake breasts.

Haters Were Hating On Lil Nas X

Critics and were tearing Lil Nas X’s Halloween costume apart on Twitter. Someone tweeted

 “How much money u think Lil nas x is being paid to destroy the minds of young black kids to go against their God?”

The rapper tweeted back

“yes because ur child is gonna say ‘lil nas x dressed up as nicki minaj so why should i worship god anymore.'”

Nicki Minaj Stan

Lil Nas X has been a huge Nicki Minaj stan way before last night. Prior to fame, he ran a Nicki stan account on Twitter.

via Instagram @lilnasx

The account, @nasmaraj, had a big following. In the past, before he came out as gay, he would deny that he was behind the account in fear of people knowing that he was gay. The rapper came out last year on the last day of Pride Month. He did this by tweeting

“some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care, some of y’all not gone fwm no more. but before this month ends i want y’all to listen closely to c7osure. 🌈🤩✨”.

Since then has been a strong role model in the LGBT community.

Here is the super iconic music video Super Bass, where the rapper got his look from.

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