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Dave Chappelle On SNL Hits Hard

Dave Chappelle SNL

After four grueling years and nearly a week of sleepless nights in America waiting with anticipation for the 2020 presidential results, I think it’s safe to say we needed to soothe our souls with some Dave Chappelle humor.

The much-loved comedy legend returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend with a stand-up routine set fit for a nation in desperate need of some laughter. The iconic comic pulled no punches while throwing jabs at white America, Donald Trump’s loss, and more. SNL gave the backdrop and Dave Chappelle delivered.

On The High Note

On the heels of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ historic victory in the 2020 election, and what felt like the last DJ’s song request for the night Chappell graced us with 16 minutes worth of enough jokes and jabs to carry us until the inauguration.

Dave Chappelle

Chappelle didn’t stutter or pause with any of his jabs or digs when he spoke of White America’s decline, anti-maskers, and Donald Trump’s Covid 19 home remedies. Chappelle made light of Trump’s outrageous Covid19 antics, his contracting of the virus, and lastly Trump’s loss of the election. Cities across America celebrated like it was New Year’s Eve.

Included in his set Chappelle mentioned that he was never paid from Chappelle’s Show’s new streaming platforms which include HBO Max and Netflix. He also spoke of his pop up comedy events, where he’s hosted other comedians during the pandemic’s quarantine, and how Yellow Springs, Ohio locals weren’t too pleased with his cornfield concerts.

A New Day

The comedian was criticized in 2016 for being too easy on Trump during one of his comedy shows. This weekend’s set included no well-wishing or empathy while we all envisioned Trump packing his bags and leaving the White House not a day too soon. Chappelle gave us authentic sharp, focused, and dark humor that matched the Country’s spirit collectively.

Chappelle appeared in several sketches with the cast. One of the night’s sketches included Alec Baldwin as a non-Trump character for the first time in years. This signaled the end of his era as the cartoonishly brash and dumb president.

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