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Childish Gambino Announces New Project

Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino.

Donald Glover returns with a new project

After what fans assumed was Gambino’s last album, the critically-acclaimed album “3.15.20”, released this past March, he announced on Twitter this past Friday that there is more music on the way. An album? A mixtape? A playlist? Who knows for sure. The important thing is that the music is on the way.

Donald Glover, known to the hip-hop world as “Childish Gambino”, has been a trailblazer in terms of the music he makes. He takes long breaks in between projects, seems to come back with a different sound each time he drops, and always seems to reinvent himself. When it comes to instrumentation, Gambino is a kid in a candy store.

Gambino always switches it up.

Gambino has always been one to branch out in terms of what instruments he uses for his projects, but for him to release the type of music that is inspiring him to create. That is very known in itself, considering the “3005” rapper is quite reserved when it comes to divulging about his music process to the public.

He mentions that his followers should listen to “new ancient strings outside” within his tweet. He is referring to the 1999 album “New Strings Outside” by Malian kora player Toumani Diabete with Ballake Sissoko. Take a listen for yourself to the beautiful music below:


Donald Glover is always working

Recently, Gambino announced that there will be new seasons of his hit television show “Atlanta”, which is shown on FX. Seasons 3 & 4 alike will be more than likely delayed with production due to COVID-19, but at least they are in the works.

Also, Glover was apart of the inspiration for the Travis Scott song “The Plan”, which was a feature in the new movie “Tenet”, which debuted in theaters this past summer with limited seating due to the pandemic. Childish Gambino is always working.

Childish Gambino

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