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Cardi B Exposes Wiz Khalifa On Twitter

Cardi B

Tensions flair amongst Hip-Hop’s elite

With Grammy season amongst us, it is not a shocker that certain musicians in the Hip-Hop community are feeling a certain way about some artists winning certain awards. Historically, the Grammys have always been sketchy when it has come to categories, especially with the Rap/Hip-Hop section.

This past Tuesday, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa had something to say on Twitter in response to a tweet about Cardi B being nominated for a Grammy this year and Nicki Minaj never being nominated once. The tweet that Wiz did was in response to a follower of his who was claiming the Grammys do not know music, with claiming that “Most self-made artists have this problem.” Meaning, Cardi is not a self-made artist and is a product of the “music industry.”

As you can imagine, the “Bartier Cardi” rapper was not having it at all. In typical petty fashion, receipts were pulled and the drama was initiated.

Cardi wanted smoke.


As you can see in the tweet above, Cardi was here for the smoke. She pulled a screenshot of a 2016 Instagram direct message from Wiz Khalifa, where he was singing her praises and commended her on how she addresses things.

Very odd that Wiz was singing her praises when she was on the come-up, but now at her solidified position, he feels a certain way. Cardi continued with tweeting about the situation below, claiming she does not understand why people entertain putting women against each other.

Khalifa ended up responding to Cardi on Twitter, putting rest to any speculation that there should be any beef and is even open to collaborating with the “WAP” rapper. He thought he gave her good advice back in 2016 but took it for himself this time.

This seems to have been a big misunderstanding on both sides, and both people made valid statements on the Grammys and how we should not put women against each other in the same industry.

Cardi has much more important things going on.

Back on November 13th, Cardi B and Reebok announced that they are releasing a shoe together for the general public to purchase. With it being an affordable shoe, at $80 for one model and $100 for the second model, she is making it affordable and fashion-forward. Congrats to Cardi!

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