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Cardi B Checks Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro

Bardi mentions Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, and Fox News in an IG post

Just days after Americans lined up to cast their ballot, media outlets called a win for former Vice President Joe Biden. Cardi B had time to address the same people who once criticized her during the artist’s endeavor to inform her fan base of candidates running for office.

The start of Cardi B and Owens’s beef.

It all started when Owens was interviewed by Ben Shapiro. The young conservative brought to light how she felt about Joe Biden’s campaign tactics. During the interview, Owens goes on by saying the former vice president thinks “black people are stupid”.

In August, Cardi sat down with Biden for an Elle Magazine interview and discussed wishes to reduce taxes and free healthcare among other topics. Biden responded to Cardi B’s request with a “can do it” attitude. Cardi attests she is highly influential, being that her platform reaches millions of voters, and that’s why Biden agreed to have a sit down with the “WAP” rapper.

Candace Owens went live on Instagram and went on a rant about the rapper, criticizing her political expertise and influence. The right-wing conservative slammed the “Bodack Yellow” artist for “stepping into her territory.”

Bardi wasn’t feeling the disrespect at all but maintained composure. While Cardi congratulated Biden and Harris for the win, the rapstress made it a point to call out the critics prior to the close of the presidential election.

Cardi addresses critics on Instagram.

In the caption under the Instagram post, Cardi expressed how eager she was to share with her fan base the importance of voting. The “Get Up 10” rapstress also pointed out how the Trump Campaign paid hip-hop artists to help influence voter participation. Cardi relays she was never paid to interview Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden and that she was very intentional about using her platform for the greater good.

Meanwhile…Candace Owens is on Instagram unconvinced that Biden won the election.

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